Where We’re Going

Vision: Polithon believes in fostering civic-mindedness and responsibility among citizens and leaders, while ensuring the policymaking process at every level is more inclusive, innovative and interactive.

Polithon aims to change our global policymaking system by creating innovative, post-partisan grassroots solutions, but we also recognize that it won’t change overnight.

We will:

  1. Create policy alternatives that are post-partisan and centered in compromise
  2. Engage young people in the policymaking process and find tangible solutions to critical issues facing them
  3. Foster civic-mindedness and responsibility among citizens and leaders
  4. Move beyond dialogue and develop actual solutions
  5. Make policymaking more inclusive and interactive
  6. Encourage and increase voter participation

We want to grow Polithon into a movement for change. We want to adapt and expand our model while working with other organizations in the same space to foster an environment of collaboration on sensible local, national, and international policy solutions.

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