Our Texas Polithon, in partnership with Young Invincibles promises to bring together a diverse group of engaged, passionate students and young professionals to find a solution to student debt at the state level.

The goal: A student debt policy platform for Texas that Young Invincibles will lead an advocacy effort around

When: March 5-6, 2016

Where: University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, TX

Who: Students and young professionals between the ages of 20 and 40 with a passion for policy – apply here!

Question: How can the state of Texas tackle the issue of student loan debt from a systemic perspective focusing on access to education including educational financing and loan reform, the mounting cost of higher education and state disinvestment, and the damage already done – reducing the long term burden of student debt including repayment?


Want to make your voice heard on the issue of student debt?

Those interested in participating in our Texas Polithon as Policy Disruptors should apply here. Due to the volume of applicants, we cannot promise a spot for everybody. The application is due February 26, and successful applicants will by notified by February 27.

Wish you could join, but can’t? 

If you can’t make the Texas Polithon, but want to contribute to help make it possible, you can give here.

Or follow along and join the conversation on Twitter: @Polithon  #TXPolithon

Texas Research Resources

TICAS’s Detailed Report on Texas Higher-Ed Institutions

Forbes: A “Texas” Solution to the Nation’s Student Debt Problem

The Texas Comptroller’s Report on Student Debt and Relief

TG Research and Analytical Services: Digging Deeper: An Analysis of Student Loan Debt in Texas

Center for Public Policy Priorities: Keeping College Within Reach How Texas Can Move More Low-Income and Adult Students through College

TG Research and Analytical Services: From Passive to Proactive

Susan Combs: Texas Comptroller Student Loan Report

TG Research and Analytical Services: Time to Every Purpose

Young Invincibles: Texas Budget Process

TG Research and Analytical Services: Effective Counseling Empowered Borrowers

TG Research and Analytical Services: Balancing Passion and Practicality

National Conference for State Legislatures: Higher Education Legislation in 2015

TG Research and Analytical Services: Financial Aid at a Crossroads


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If you want to get involved or help turn the solution into action, please get in touch!


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