Student Loan Debt

In 2015, Polithon is focusing in on student loan debt. This is a $1.2 TRILLION issue current plaguing every generation in the US, and further straining our economy, while holding Gen Y back from financial independence. We realized this was a systemic issue that everyone seems to be talking about at every level of government, but where few comprehensive solutions have been offered. So we decided to take the issue head on and present solutions from those most affected by the issue by hosting polithons in different parts of the country this year including Ohio, Florida, Texas, and Washington, DC.

Each of these events will see teams of Policy Disruptors (PDs) work in person over a day and a half to two days to come up with solutions to the issue at the state level or focusing on a specific aspect of it. The teams work independently at first to develop their outlines and then come together to work collaboratively on the final platform. The platform is then pushed out and acted upon through a campaign developed by the Anchor Partner that invited Polithon in to run a policy hackathon or by a coalition of partners led by Polithon.

Resources on national student debt

Project on Student Debt: Student Debt and the Class of 2013

Demos: The Great Cost Shift Continues

Brookings: Is a Student Loan Debt Crisis on the Horizon

If you want to be part of the solution, join us as a Policy Disruptor, or if you want to volunteer, please email We’re a small team and we love support!

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