Invest In Change

We firmly believe that Polithon can change the world by changing how policy is made—but we can’t do it without you. Every donation of time or money means something and adds your support behind a movement to ensure the voices of citizens are what are driving policy.

Please consider giving at the following levels and help us make this happen:

Founder’s Circle

You’re one of us. You know that Polithon a key step in ensuring a post-partisan future for this country and this world and you want to help millennials propel it forward

$5,000 - $25,000

You’re in. You want to make sure Polithons are run around the country and innovative policy solutions are developed by millennials to blow past the gridlock in Washington

$1,000 - $5,000

You’re all about changing the face of policy. You’re a wonk who gets our mission and you want to be part of ensuring words are turned into action

$10 - $1,000

Every little bit counts as we work to take back the policy making process and we can only do it together


Polithon also seeks in-kind contributions that can cover some of the major pieces of our budget and off-set operating costs, including event space, frequent flier miles, hotel points to cover accommodations for participants, and catering. If you, your company, university, or organization is interested in contributing in-kind, please contact Julia Hurley, our President + Co-Founder at