Become a Policy Disruptor


Participants in Polithons are known as Policy Disruptors or PDs because that’s exactly what they are doing – disrupting policy by innovating and creating it so it becomes the new norm. They are from diverse backgrounds, between the ages of 20 and 40 amd are committed to post-partisanship and moving things forward. We actively seek people who think outside the box and have a good reason for why they want to participate in a Polithon. This isn’t about resume building or feeding an ego, it’s about being part of a movement for change.

PDs don’t need to be experts on an issue, and in fact, shouldn’t be. (But don’t worry, we’ll provide plenty of background info!) They should be willing to take on an issue from a different perspective and not be stuck in their own ideas or closed off from ideas of others. People who have been working exclusively in a certain sphere can often be trapped in a cycle of thinking that doesn’t lend itself to innovation, and leaves us with the same outcomes that haven’t been working to date. We also strive for gender parity, hoping that both men and women will engage equally on issues of importance and have their voices heard.

If you want to be part of this movement and help us find a solution to the student loan debt crisis, apply now to join us for a future polithon!

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