The “summer slowdown” isn’t stopping us


Love won, the US women’s national soccer team won, and Polithon keeps on rolling! What a great last few weeks to be an American. This month, our judges are reviewing the solutions to student debt proposed at our Ohio Polithon, we’ll be attending the annual Make Progress National Summit, and we’re looking toward longer term strategic planning while establishing a firm revenue model. With this and more on our plate, July is looking good!

Ohio Polithon Debrief: Thanks to our Policy Disruptors’ enthusiasm and drive, our gracious hosts, Ohio State University, and our partners, the Ohio Polithon was a success! We have uploaded pictures of the event to Facebook, and our judges are now reviewing the Policy Disruptors’ solutions to student debt in Ohio. We’ll also be starting major discussions with partners and PDs on the campaign for those solutions next week. Especially the first time around, the advocacy effort will require significant collaboration. If you’re interested in supporting our efforts in Ohio, please let us know by sending us an e-mail.

Partnerships: Polithon is proud to be partnering with Generation Progress on their 10th annual Make Progress Summit in Washington, DC, on July 16. This will be an amazing opportunity to connect with passionate millennials, policy wonks, activists, advocates, and lawmakers, and we’d love for you to join us. RSVP here.

Upcoming Polithons: We’ve had some challenges finding partners in NH + IA, but given all the focus on those states for 2016, we’re not surprised! For now, our CA Polithon is slated for September 26, though we are still working out the kinks with our venue at UC Berkeley. After consulting with our friends at Young Invincibles and a few other millennial/issue focused orgs, we are looking into co-hosting events in FL, IL, and elsewhere. We’ll provide more information as it comes in, so stay tuned!

Other Items: With no Polithons slated for July, we’ll be going back to the drawing board to brainstorm more ways to expand Polithon’s reach and better advance our mission of empowering millennials to be part of the policymaking process. This strategic planning will coincide with a concerted search for business partnerships and donors, and finalization of our board. Keep an eye on our website, Twitter, and Facebook for more info.

Blog: Be sure to check out a new blog post from our Operations Assistant, Abraham Fraifeld, a rising junior at Georgetown University. He discusses the impact of frustration on political participation and how to channel that “negative” energy to mobilize voters and bring about change.


As always, we love your help and are putting out some calls to action:

  • Make Progress Summit: Spread the word about the Make Progress Summit July 16 + join us for what should be an amazing day!
  • Donations: As you know, no organization can run without funding and while we’re seeking longer term solutions and exploring a revenue model to ensure sustainability, we need your support. Support us, and invest in change here!
  • The Blog: We’ve already posted pieces from us, our interns, and other contributors on what we’re doing, lessons we’re learning, and why Polithon matters in the scheme of things, and will be adding much more. We love outside contributions, so email if you’re interested!

Julia + Evanna

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