Summer is here and so is our OH Polithon!

As we transition into shorts and t-shirts to greet the sunny humidity of our nation’s capital, we look forward to what the summer has in store. We’ll be hitting the road soon to host our first Polithon of the year, we’re on the hunt for organizations interested in helping us run more events, and we will soon begin identifying and vetting candidates for positions on our board. Who said summer is for vacation?

OHIO!: We’re coming for you Columbus! Our June 20th Ohio Polithon is just days away now, and we are ecstatic! The event, an all-day policy hackathon with the goal of crafting a student-loan-debt-busting plan for the state, will feature twenty highly intelligent PolicyDisruptors and will be held at the Ohio State University Student Union. A few preliminary stats on the participants:

  • 71% have student debt themselves
  • 26-30 year olds make up 25% of the participants
  • And the male to female ratio is 1:1.

They come from a flurry of different industries but all share the same drive to end the political gridlock. We can’t wait to share the results of their efforts with you, which you should be seeing within a week or two following the event. All outcomes will be posted on the website with the winning solution pushed out as our platform for Ohio.

Upcoming Polithons: The application is live on the website for ALL of our events, and we’ll add deadlines as we finalize dates, with CA up next! After meetings with advisors and potential sponsors, we have decided to run Polithons on slightly leaner budgets, opting for one-day events for now that will serve as pressure cookers for innovative policy solutions and allow us to further stress-test the model. For more information check out our blog!

Board: We are in the process of identifying candidates to join our board. We will be releasing an application for perspective candidates soon, so keep an eye on our newly improved website, Twitter, and Facebook for information regarding that process.

Exploring Partnerships: As we set our eyes on other states, we are searching for sponsors to help us round out our continental tour. We are especially interested in partnerships with advocacy groups, people and organizations interested in millennial politics, and groups that want to see changes in higher education policy. If you have anybody in mind, let us know by sending us an e-mail.


As always, we love your help and are putting out some calls to action:

  • Donations: As you know, no organization can run without funding and while we’re seeking longer term solutions and exploring a revenue model to ensure sustainability, we need your support. Invest in change here.
  • Applications: Help spread the word about upcoming Polithons! We’re seeking dedicated Millennials between 20 and 40 who are passionate about changing policy to apply to participate as PolicyDisruptors and shape policy during our Polithons this year.
  • The Blog: We’ve already posted pieces from us, our interns, and other contributors on what we’re doing, lessons we’re learning, and why Polithon matters in the scheme of things, and will be adding much more. We love outside contributions, so email if you’re interested!

Julia + Evanna

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