Springing Forward: Updated website, new video, + more!

We’ve been more radio silent than planned, but that’s because we’ve been head-down, working as hard as we can to bring Polithon fully to life and begin to change the way policy is made in this country. Thanks for your patience and continued support as we go through the growing pains of going from an idea to a full-fledged organization. We couldn’t do this without you!

Over the last month, we updated the website to be more user-friendly (with some graphics still on their way) and had an awesome communications advisor, Irene Moskowitz, help develop stronger materials to get our message out, including this fantastic introduction video to Polithon. Please check them out and share!

Upcoming Polithons: Due to a scheduling issue, our Ohio Polithon was postponed to June 20, but is now moving forward! California planning is well under way, and we’re excited to announce a partnership with UC Berkeley to run our event out there August 8th. The application is currently live on the website for ALL of our events, and we’ll add deadlines as we finalize dates.

There has also been one small, but significant, change to the model we’ll be moving ahead with. As part of our effort to learn lessons as we develop, we’ve decided to shift the focus of local Polithons to what can be done on the issue at the state level, while the national Polithon in January of 2016 will bring winning teams from each state together to hack the full national solution. Read more on our blog.

Nonprofit Status: Polithon, like any organization, can’t grow without proper funding. We have been lucky to have Cadwalader, Wickersham, and Taft’s pro-bono department take us on as clients and handle all of our 501(c)3 nonprofit filings – making our lives a lot easier! This is a process that can take up to a year, so we are currently in talks with two organizations about taking us on for fiscal sponsorship, allowing us to begin to receive tax-deductible donations.

Funding: As we await our nonprofit status, we’ve applied for the Knight Foundation’s NewsChallenge, which divides a $3M prize between winning applicants. The applications are public, so feel free to check out our entry! We’re also accepting donations via PayPal, which will be eligible for tax deduction as soon as we receive our status or finalize an agreement with a fiscal sponsor, so please considercontributing to help us run our events.

Exploring Partnerships: We have been constantly talking with other phenomenal organizations in the millennial/innovation/policy/advocacy space, and are excited by the prospect of working with these groups on various aspects of the Polithon process. Some notable folks that we’ll likely be working with this year and next on outreach or in other capacities include Young Invincibles, Common Sense Action,National Campus Leadership Council, Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, and YouthVoices USA. As a mission driven organization, we’re committed to working with a coalition of groups to ensure impact.

As always, we love your help and are putting out some calls to action:

  • Partners: We are still seeking supporters and potential partners, for upcoming Polithons, especially in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Texas, so if you have any connections in those arenas locally, or at the national levels,shoot us a note!
  • Applications: Help spread the word about upcoming Polithons! We’re seeking dedicated Millennials between 20 and 40 who are passionate about changing policy to apply to participate as PolicyDisruptors and shape policy during our Polithons this year.
  • Interns: It’s that time of year again, and we’re seeking summer interns!
  • The Blog: We’ve already posted pieces from us, our interns, and other contributors on what we’re doing, lessons we’re learning, and why Polithon matters in the scheme of things, and will be adding much more. We love outside contributions, so email if you’re interested!

Julia + Evanna


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